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Mackenzie Investments has partnered with Paris -based TOBAM, a global award-winning asset manager, to offer a methodology designed to protect portfolios from structural bias. TOBAM's proprietary methodology is a proven process for increasing the diversification of portfolio holdings to protect portfolios from structural bias and unmanaged risks often found in cap-weighted indices. The introduction today of these mutual funds follows the launch of two Mackenzie TOBAM focused ETFs: Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Canada Index ETF (MKC) and Mackenzie Maximum Diversification US Index ETF (MUS). "TOBAM's award-winning methodology is now exclusively available through Mackenzie Investments as both ETFs and mutual funds to help all Canadian retail investors address their evolving needs," said Tony Elavia , Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for Mackenzie Investments. "We are pleased to offer this unique investment methodology to Canadian retail investors who are seeking better diversification to potentially outperform benchmarks." TOBAM's innovative methodology selects individual stocks and their weights so as to significantly reduce the correlations between individual holdings. In so doing, it utilizes a well-established principle in investment management that all other things being equal, a portfolio with higher diversification has a higher risk adjusted return than a less diversified portfolio. Mackenzie Investments Mutual Funds The mutual funds invest in the Mackenzie Maximum Diversification Index ETFs and may also invest a portion of its assets in other ETFs, or in securities directly: Mackenzie High Diversification Canadian Equity Class: Offered in a corporate class structure, itallows Canadians to invest in their own country while diversifying beyond Canada's top three market sectors: Energy, Materials and Financials.

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Residential real estate investment involves the process of buying other people's houses while the investment in commercial real estate involves the purchase of a large property that can be rented to a company. Take a look: High Risk Short-Term Investments High risk investments are the ones where a human error or mistake in your calculation or any other error in judgement can cause you to lose the entire sum. Equities are traded in stock markets. But many investors are known to make fifty to seventy percent return in a year with the fast-moving mid-cap shares. In this article, the differences and significance of short and long term investments have been explained, along with the practical implications of adopting each method of investment. If you decide to indulge in some stock trading, it is best to stay with money market funds which invest in government securities and not on the open market.

The disadvantage, is that you have to keep on paying the insurance company for a decade or more. Companies are legally bound to release the EPA data along with their annual income statements, so this data can be easily obtained. It is advisable to only use this measure for comparison, and preferably for companies in the same industry, or for evaluating a single company over a time-line. This is the safest way to invest, if you are thinking of post-retirement financial security. Look for funds with a good overall track record and proven fund managers who have always delivered in the past.